Our highly skilled creative team provides custom productions of your photos and videos to provide you and your audience the most pleasing and professional experience possible.



Abovepro Media Aerial Drone Photography And Video

 Areas of Expertise

~ Golf Courses / Resorts / Marinas

~ Survey-grade Orthomosaics

~ Promotional Reels 

~ Music Videos

~ Real Estate

~ Special Events

~ Media and Press

Digital Marketing

~ Film / Cinematography 

~ Large Scale Construction

​*Stock Images and video Available

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Aerial Photography

and Video Productions

Delivering unparalleled results utilizing  

precision unmanned aerial camera equipment with

the latest high performance editing technologies..

Abovepro Media full Video productions services

Video                                              Gallery

Full Ground & Aerial - Real Estate Marketing Collateral - MLS Ready  

As Seen On: PBS and Al Jazeera

We capture high quality images that you can use in presentations, on your website, your listing or in brochures. Regardless of where you use them aerials always make an impact!

We shoot in 1080 and 4K HD video, fully edited for you.  Web-ready for anywhere high quality video benefits our clients.
Have good work? We're happy to work with your photos and videos.


▪ Videos increase people’s understanding of your product or service by 74%.

▪ An intro email that includes a video increases the click through rate by 96%.

▪ Thirty-second, in-stream mobile video ads have an 88% completion rate.

AbovePro Media produces stunning and compelling videos that captivates and educates your audience.